Sunday, April 6, 2014

Veggie Post # 21

I've officially decided on my speech topic! I'm going to talk about the social pressure on our society, and how it effects people's decision to go vegetarian.  So my speech will focus loosely on that! Loosely because I have other things I want to talk about too like heath. I decided to go this way because I feel like it needs to be talked about. I didn't want to go the typical route that a vegetarian speech could go. I don't want to horrify an audience or anything like that. I would rather not try to shock people. But that's just me.

This week I've been eating vegetarian, and documenting it, and that's about all. This week though I'm going to be working on outlining my speech. I want to utilize slides for it, and so I'm going to map those out and see which pictures should go where. So next week I'll update you on that progress!

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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vegetarian #20

For my blog this week I wanted to address some questions I was asked in a comment a couple weeks ago. Here's the comment!

When I first brought home the idea of becoming a vegetarian, my parents were really supportive. They thought it was a really good idea, and at one point both of them had decided to do it with me! In the first few weeks we made meat free meals and tried veggie burgers together! Their interest has waned but they are still supportive of me and my choice to go vegetarian, which I'm really grateful for. My friend on the other hand, have been less than helpful. All my friends told me not to do it, or that it was a horrible idea. That was not really the response that I was looking for! And if I fall off the wagon, and eat meat, I'm criticized for not sticking to it. Basically, I've gotten mixed reaction form my family and friends, but I'm not going to to let the bad get me down.

In regards to the second question, I think social pressure has a huge affect on teens who want to become vegetarian. In our society today, eating healthy has become more popular, but most people would becoming vegetarian is weird. Socially, teens
are very affected.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Post #19

I've been thinking a lot about the difficulties of being vegetarian. In our society, there are few meatless options, and if there is one it's not that good. It's hard to go out to eat and have no options. Most of the choices given are salads and sometimes I'm not in the mood for a salad!  Like look at this part of the mcdonalds menu. This is the sandwich section, and do they have a meatless option? Nope. Every sandwich has some for of meat on it. Why should I have to struggle to find a meatless meal, when a restaurant could just provide a decent choice? 

And this is McDonald's' salads. Even these have meat on them! Two out of the seven have meat on them. And I know, how hard is it to order something with no meat. It not that hard, but is that what should happen? I think that a meatless choice should be given, not only for vegetarians, but for the health of regular people. 

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Friday, February 28, 2014

Veggie Post 18

My favorite thing about 20Time, is that we are given time in school to work on it I also like that we were given the chance to pick our own topic. I think that if a topic had been assigned or we were supposed to follow guidelines, it wouldn't have been successful. My least favorite thing about the 20Time project is the speech. I'm terrible at speaking in front of people, and so a 8 minute speech for this is my worst nightmare. But other than that, I think 20Time is a really good experience. 

Reflecting on my project, I would change something. I think I would change my topic. The problem I have with my topic is that it's happening all the time. I can't really take a break from it and work on it later. I always have to be working on it. 
For my next blog I'm going to be looking at menus that may or may not gave a vegetarian option.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Post #17

I didn't do a lot over break, so more next week.
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Friday, February 7, 2014

Vegetarian Post #16

So it turns out I had a really successful week! And I'm super proud of myself! I'm going to start researching some health facts and I'm going to start focusing on what it's like to be vegetarian and a teenager. That is a definite possibility for my speech at the end. Like describing how hard it is to go out and find a vegetarian option. And how hard it is to live in American society when meat is a part of our culture and cuisine. I think I'm going to interview my mentor to see what she has to say about being a lifetime vegetarian, and see if I can incorporate any of that into my speech. 

My teacher recommended that I should go around and try to find any vegetarian/healthy options at mainstream restaurants. So that what should be in my blog next week!

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Veggie #15

As you can see I finally got my act together and got my food log started up again! Sorry its not a picture like it usually is.  It has been really tough trying to get back into the project but I am working on it! The speech at the end of the year is starting to freak me out because I'm awful at public speaking and presenting. Yesterday at the grocery store I saw these really disgusting looking tofu noodles, and now I never want to try tofu! It looked so gross, I kid you not.

Other than that, not much has been happening with the project. Its hard to find things to blog about when my project is about NOT doing something (eating meat). But that's what I signed up for when I picked this project! This project isn't as easy as it sounds. Other topics only need to be worked on for a few hours, or days a week. Mine is always there because its about the food I eat, and I have to resist temptation every time I go to eat something. Its a really hard project, and is hard to stick to, as you can see in my food log.

Well, that all for now!

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 Bean burritos
 Venison Stew, peas
 Macaroni & Cheese